Reliable, Flexible and Cost Efficient Enegy Storage Solution – Guaranteed

Vionx Energy provides a fully integrated system comprised of energy storage, power conditioning, system control, and thermal management subsystems packaged into turn-key building blocks placed wherever needed for instantaneous dispatch.

Vionx offers flexible solutions and platforms to meet the unique demands of today’s energy storage needs while making grid-scale energy storage practical, resilient, and economical for 20-plus years at the lowest lifetime cost of ownership of any grid-scale storage system.

Performance Warranty

Coupled with superior performance and cost savings, Vionx’s battery also provides bankability and peace of mind with a 10-year warranty from New Energy Risk, a global leader in innovative data analytics and financial risk transfer solutions for the renewable energy industry.


10-year performance warranty insurance program covers output, duration, efficiency, & availability

  • Warranty insurance allows for fully wrapped EPC contracts
  • Proven technology – leverages 50 years of UTC’s fuel cell R&D
  • Uses VRB chemistry proven in over 18 years of operation
  • Under license, UTRC responsible for on-going R&D


Combining long duration, deep discharge capability with sub-cycle response time makes Vionx’s energy storage systems capable of serving a broad mix of electricity grid service applications. Current projects include demand charge reduction, load shifting and renewables integration.

Renewables Integration

  • Utilities & Developers
  • Energy time shifting
  • Ramp rate control/mitigation
  • Increase capacity value
  • Peaker substitute


  • Islands
  • Hospitals, Towns, Large End Users
  • Military & District Installations


  • Utility bill reduction (TOU & DC)
  • Improved reliability
  • Islanded operations

Grid Applications

  • Peaking plants
  • Transmission & Distribution cost reductions
  • Ancillary services


Discharges 100%of stored energy after each cycle

The Safer Alternative

While lithium ion-based technologies have been a major force in the growth of energy storage, they are also inherently unstable. The electrolyte in li-Ion batteries is highly unstable and capable of igniting a fire or explosion due to overheating in the charge-discharge cycle

Besides the life-time cost savings; our customers also benefit from deploying a considerably safer alternative. The electrolyte in Vionx’s flow battery consists primarily of water and thus the system is not even flammable. Due to this, there are no special considerations unique to Vionx to be taken for installations in urban settings. The very nature of Vionx’s vanadium redox flow battery produces a nonflammable product capable of cycling indefinitely to 100% state of charge and discharge without any degradation. Ever. We provide a peace of mind coupled with cost efficiencies that Lithium Ion just can’t match.